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Italian Master Gelato Chefs
Driven by passion, we are ambassadors of tradition and incessant researchers for quality.

If it’s the best chocolate gelato you can be sure that our hands are in it.

An exceptionally long love story binds us to the food of the gods. Can you imagine how much chocolate has passed through the Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani laboratories since 1860 to the present day? From this immeasurable passion and knowledge, a range of semi-finished products for gelato parlours based on the finest chocolates , was born and has grown over time.


Discover the product novelties and all the new references in the catalogue.
Chocolate Flavors
An immeasurable passion and knowledge, which has given rise to an offer based on the highest quality cocoa.
The spreadable creams for artisanal gelato, which win you over at the first taste.
Scents Of The South
Magical Mediterranean atmospheres made of richness, inebriating fragrances and lots of Italian spirit for announced success.
Ripples Amore
Intriguing variegates enriched with dried fruit and tiny pieces of wafer cone, for an amazingly crunchy touch.Intriguing variegates enriched with dried fruit and tiny pieces of wafer cone, for an amazingly crunchy touch.
Flavours From Around The World
Flavours from all over the world with distant tastes, consistencies, and ingredients to follow the latest trends.
Kit Kids
Created for young consumers, for delicious snacks and with a brightly coloured look. Tasty and fun, simply inevitable in the showcase.
Gelagel Fruit
Purees with a remarkably high percentage of fruit with unaltered freshness, practical, versatile, and ready to use.
The Base represents the fundamental core of the production of artisanal gelato.
Raw materials and unique ingredients for your gelato.

Our Premium Selection of Hazelnuts and Pistachios

Gianduiotto cream

Gianduiotto cream, only the finest hazelnuts and cocoa, ingredients on which Maestri Gelatieri are authentic experts, to offer you the most delicious and amazing aspects of the ambassador of the Piedmont chocolate making tradition. More than just a gelato, it’s a true tribute.



Specialized training courses and workshops
The School
Casa Optima school is a training project dedicated exclusively to top gelato and pastry professionals. Visit the website and discover all the courses and activities.
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