Thanks to the choice of the best raw materials on the market and the inexhaustible passion for their work, Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri is today one of the most famous Italian brands that preserves all the authenticity of a traditional Italian artisanal workshop. Continuous innovation and the modern production procedures, the creation of cocoa based products and the pastes created thanks to the processing of dried fruit are amongst some of the fundamental components of our history.
Stefano Pernigotti opened a grocery store in the centre of Novi Ligure, that soon became one of the most famous in the city.
Thanks to the great success of his products, the entrepreneur from Piedmont founded the company “Pernigotti & Son”.
The excellence of the products was awarded with the Royal Coat of Arms.
At the beginning of the twentieth century
The company became one of the most important on the market, with innovative machinery and increasingly prestigious recipes.
With the beginning of the First World War the use of sugar was forbidden in the preparation of confectionery products. Paolo Pernigotti altered the recipe of their Nougat by replacing the sugar with a quantity of concentrated honey.
The industrial production of Gianduiotto began, the traditional Piedmont chocolate characterized by a delicious mixture of chocolate and hazelnut.
Pernigotti began the production of artisanal gelato launching a range of cream flavours on the market, soon becoming one of the leading companies in the sector.
The company proceeded in its expansion by enriching its catalogue with a range of products expanding in flavours, shapes, and taste.
The company is characterized by the specialization in the segment of Gianduia chocolate with its variety of different products: Gianduiotto, Cremino and Nocciolati.
An important innovation was introduced to the gelato sector, thanks to the creation of a range of pure plain chocolate references.
After surpassing the milestone of 150 years, with the acquisition by the family Toksöz, the company concentrated on re-launching the business by focusing on product quality and the renewal of its range.
Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri celebrated 80 years of experience in the gelato industry.
The company became part of the Group Optima SPA, one of the most important realities in the field of pastry and gelato of excellence.
Is the year in which the company celebrates 160 years of activity, confirming itself as a historic brand with unchallenged experience in the sector of semi-finished products for artisanal gelato. Today it can count on the additional support and the solidity of the Group Optima S.p.a.