The natural revolution of fruit.

The Master Gelato Chefs have gone beyond the world of creams and chocolates, to transform the excellence of fruit into the best possible gelato: thus, Gelagel Frutta was born, the premium line of purees for artisanal gelato made with an innovative processing method that preserves the freshness and the organoleptic properties of the fruit.

A revolutionary product, because it is made with a very high percentage of chopped and pureed fruit, grown and harvested in places of origin, with certified raw materials and cane sugar, with no milk derivatives, no palm oil and also gluten free.

A trendy product with a vegan recipe, designed to make the most delicious Italian-style sorbet.

A practical product, because it is already balanced and ready to use, to guarantee the best performance in terms of structure and hold in the showcase.

Nine classic and trendy flavours with exceptional yield and very versatile , that give their best in endless gelato and pastry preparations.