The spreadable cream hides a treasure.

From a special recipe, made up of artisanship, constant research, and passion for good and well-made things, the Morettine are born, the spreadable creams that transform and enhance the traditional variegation of artisanal gelato.

Whilst the classic Morettine give the gelato the velvety and full-bodied seduction of the spreadable cream, the Morettine "Pepita" introduce the  true irrepressible pleasure of crunchiness, thanks to the presence of whole hazelnuts, added whilst still warm. For a deliciousness that reverberates with every bite.

Now discover also Morettina Pepita Bianca, with Bacio Bianco flavour and always with 20% whole roasted hazelnuts, added whilst still warm. A triumph of creaminess and crunchiness, used in cremini or as a decoration it's pure gold.